Join us for the 2018 Nominating Convention of the Libertarian Party of Utah!

Utah Libertarians will be meeting to certify the nominations of those who have filed to seek office, to select delegates to the national convention in New Orleans, to consider revisions to our party constitution and bylaws, and to hear about Libertarian initiatives. Guest speakers include the Chair of the Libertarian National Committee (and candidate for mayor of Phoenix AZ)  Nicholas Sarwark, Utah’s first elected Libertarian mayor Willy Marshall and very special guests to be announced soon!

Credentialing and a brunch buffet will begin at 11:00 AM, with the business meeting to commence at Noon. We are requesting a donation to help with the cost of the brunch, which you can do either here or on site. We’re suggesting a minimum of $10, but if you can do a little more or help sponsor lunches for our guests it would be appreciated!

All those who are registered to vote as a Libertarian as of March 15, 2018 are eligible to be a delegate and vote on candidate certification. Those who have also paid the $20 annual dues are eligible to vote on internal party business. All others are welcome to attend and learn more about the quest for liberty in Utah! 

Party dues may be paid with the donation option if needed.

We will have a discounted room rate of $99 available at the Courtyard for both Friday and Saturday nights, using the code UTLP, for those who would like to stay over. Further details to be announced very soon.

Sign up here!


If you are unable to attend and wish to assign your proxy to another Libertarian who is attending, you will find the proxy submission form here.