Brian Kamerath for Govenor

dsc_6489I would say there are four key questions which our next governor should understand and safeguard: agency, responsibility, equality and empathy. Empathy is a hugely important social skill which is rarely mentioned in politics. It is important because it is the first thing you must employ any time you attempt to de-escalate a conflict. It’s how you identify with an adversary, calmly listen to them, then explain yourself in a way that both of you can leave with a better understanding of one another. I count myself lucky to have friends from many different backgrounds. Being able to empathize with them makes it easier to have a discerning view of how to see them and their needs with equality in mind.

Equality is often misunderstood. In government, it is vital we provide equality of opportunity for people regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other social qualifier used to describe people. This means we simplify the need and reason people have to involve government in their daily life, so that they cn feel the joy of accomplishment in how they responsibly seek to better themselves.

Responsibility or accountability are not Draconoian pejoratives – they are a recognition of individual motivation to learn, improve, and an avoidance of shifting blame for failures. As a Libertarian, the important note to make here is simply, “Where there is no victim, there is no crime.” There are too many ways in which our laws attempt to make government a victim of crimes which are only a problem of policy, not aggression against another. Responsibility then leads to agency.

W. Andrew McCullough for Attorney General

CandidateI have practiced law in Utah since 1973. I have also been a member of the New York State Bar since 1986. I do criminal defense and civil rights work and deal with the Attorney General’s office regularly, and I have developed a number of ideas about the need for changes in that office. I have argued cases in the Iowa Supreme Court, the New York Court of Appeals, the Utah Supreme Court, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and a number of Federal courts.

I am currently the chair of the Utah Libertarian Party. I am a graduate of both BYU (double major of Sociology and Political Science) and the University of Utah (law). I previously worked as an intern in the United States Senate. I spent several years on the Board of Trustees of the ACLU of Utah; and I am a former board member and Chair of the Utah County Council on Drug Abuse Rehabilitation.



Joe Buchman for Senate 14

BuchmanDr. Joe Buchman is a life-long libertarian. He has served as the Libertarian Party’s national platform committee chair, as the Utah state party secretary and is currently serving on the national party’s Audit Committee.  Dr. Buchman holds a PhD in mass communications from Indiana University (1989), a Master’s of Science in finance from Purdue University (1983) and BS in marketing from Indiana University (1980).  He and his wife Cindy have four children.  Joe has taught in MBA programs in China and Mongolia. He was a key organizer of and moderator for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (Washington, DC 2013).  Following his service as a tenured professor of marketing at Utah Valley State College (now UVU), he served as a lead course designer and subject matter expert for the University of Chicago’s online MBA programs.  He is the author of several undergraduate and graduate-level college textbook chapters and has presented his research to meetings of the National Association of Broadcasters, American Psychological Association, Broadcast Education Association, TEDx, Popular Culture Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration. He retired from full-time teaching in 2014 and is active as a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America (46 years), the Sundance Film Festival (12 years), an Introduction Leader for Landmark Worldwide (11 years), Burning Man Census Team (6 years), the Sonoma International Film Festival (3 years) and is currently serving as a volunteer in the Church Service Mission for the LDS Family History Library.

Craig Bowden for US Congress District 1

Craig-BowdenCraig Bowden has been involved in politics since age 11, writing his first editorial piece to the Standard Examiner about gun rights. He has been very involved in the blogging world, writing articles that use common sense to address the issues facing the State of Utah, and the country as a whole. Craig has been very active in trying to get actions taken by the people of America to support their inalienable rights. One of his last campaigns helped get over 3,000 letters sent to Washington D.C. to stop the gun control proposals in the House and Senate.
Craig Bowden is a father of two boys and a girl. He is also the step father of two boys. He is married to the love of his life Elizabeth. Family is one of the most important things in his life. They reside together in North Ogden. Craig Bowden served nearly eight years in the United States Marine Corps in the infantry, giving him a unique perspective into how to lead from the front. He did multiple combat tours to Iraq, as well as military advisement missions to Morocco. While in the service he also instructed Marines on various weapons and tactics, and was part of a group that helped design more efficient training for units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Currently Craig is the president of his own company, CRB Tactical, providing firearms instruction, tactical gear, and patriotic supplies. The important thing about Craig’s business approach is keeping the small business, handshake mentality. Craig is the author of three books, Common Sense: How to Restore America, The Journey Home, and Warrior Poet

Barry Short for Lieutenant Governor

dsc_6494He believes firmly that the best solutions come from the bottom up, not from the top down.  The people, and the marketplace, are agile; government is stodgy and slow to react.

Barry is a strong advocate for fundamental Libertarian principles – it is your right to live your life as you choose so long as your choices do not impair another person’s right to live as they choose. The only justifiable reason to even have a government is to facilitate the protection of your rights, and in any instance where government action infringes on individual rights, that action is improper and immoral. In areas where government actions do not directly affect rights, it is proper for the government to act in as fair and efficient a manner as possible.

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Brent Zimmerman for House District 16

bdz_2013I was born and raised in Utah. I’ve lived in Layton for the past 16 years with my wife and three children. I’m a software engineer at a home automation company. I’ve been active in the liberty movement for several years. I have held positions of leadership in the Libertarian Party of Utah at the county and state level. I want to shrink government to its proper size and limit it to its only legitimate purpose: protecting the rights of each individual.

Jim Dexter for Senate District 6

selfpicNow retired, Jim Dexter, brings a wealth of experience to any position. Having been a soldier, Chinese linguist, product pitchman, Worlds Fair VIP host, nightclub humorist, salesman, marketer, copywriter, graphic designer, editor, illustrator, corporate vice president, radio talk show host (KTKK-AM 630) for six years, state chair of the Libertarian Party of Utah for five years (1996-2001) and member of the Libertarian National Committee (1998-2000).
He ran against Orrin Hatch for U.S. Senate in 2000 and against Chris Cannon for Congress in 2002.
A Taylorsville resident since March, 1994, Jim thought he had retired from politics as well but Sen. Wayne Harper’s two proposed bills to tax the Internet, really made him mad as heck as it should you. Then he looked the the insanity of the 2016 Legislature and declared “Enough is Enough!”
The prison relocation debacle alone is proof that our Republican representatives are totally corrupt. Then there’s Harper’s beyond stupid vote to spend  $53 million of taxpayer money, desperately needed elsewhere, to build a coal port in California. Sen. Harper also voted to waste $14 million to hire out-of-state attorneys to sue the federal government to “return” lands that were never Utah’s to begin with.
Jim Dexter is fed up with Sen. Harper’s blind obedience to his GOP overlords and hopes you are too. Vote Libertarian!

Chelsea Travis for Utah House District 35

Chelsea is a life long resident of South Salt Lake, and the mother of two children. She is employed as a legal secretary in the Law Office of W. Andrew McCullough; and she is the Utah State Libertarian Party Treasurer. Chelsea is a champion of personal freedom, and will work in the legislature to enable medical cannabis legislation, end civil forfeiture, and restrict crippling regulations of personal and business activities. Drug and alcohol abuse should be seen as a public health problem, and not as cause for jail or prison. The government should assist its citizens where possible, not put them in fear of retribution. Far too many people have had their lives ruined by the punitive actions of the State; and far too many are currently incarcerated for offenses which do not harm society.

Lee Anne Walker for Utah House District 46

LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL – Lee Anne Walker, long-time Utah lawyer and activist, is running for Utah State House District 46 against an incumbent Democrat. That no Republican filed is a lucky break.  Walker graduated with honors from Brigham Young University in history, political science, and genealogy; and earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah. She practiced law in Utah from 1980 to 2015. She is disabled herself and  founded the wheelchair van service  Handi Van Inc. in 1984, which still serves Utahns today. “Several elections ago I became disillusioned with “the two partys.”  They are hopelessly gridlocked, corrupt, greedy, and deaf to voters.  Worst of all, they are resistant  to change by honorable  people within. We can no longer afford politicians using their power and big donors’ money to tax us to fund what they and big donors–not the people–want.  ” Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially inclusive – the best of American politics,” says Walker.

Walker has worked for decades in support of Liberty and principled causes. She is currently running on a platform of electoral reform (see plan of Barry Short, Libertarian candidate for Lt Governor), ending “crony capitalism,” and ending government  over-reach.  She is for medical marijuana, education  and for clean air, water, and land. “In my lifetime I have volunteered for many charitable and political causes. I run a business. I have been everything from boy scout merit badge counselor to a political organizer. I have followed my conscience and worked with all kinds of people, and I have long been unhappy with the Utah legislature. I know I can do a better job. I am regularly dismayed by the crony capitalism that bring big bucks short-term to the people in government, their relatives, and big donors but leave the rest of us paying for years…”   I really want to stop the stupid spending and regulation where it creates monopolies.

Lee Anne Walker hopes to be the first Utah State legislator elected as a Libertarian. She salutes Senator Mark Madsen, who changed from Republican to Libertarian while in office.  Walker  lives  in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, where she found  a special place in her heart for protecting the beauty of our mountains and deserts, the Cottonwood Canyons as watershed for Salt Lake Valley, and the economic benefits to the community of tourists and recreational activities.  Good stewardship of our lands bring tax dollars from out of state tourists rather than our own pockets, avoids boom and bust cycles of dirty energy, and will  clean up our air and water.

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