Congratulations to our candidates who were nominated by the convention!


US Senate: 

Craig R. Bowden     

US House of Representatives: 

District 2: Jeffrey Whipple    

Utah State Senate:

District 18: Kevin L. Bryan     

Utah House of Representatives:

District 16: Brent Zimmerman     
District 19: Joe Speciale     
District 22: Amber Christiansen Beltran      
District 26: Jonathan Greene     
District 27: Joseph Geddes Buchman     
District 35: Chelsea Travis   
District 43: Shawn Curtis     
District 46: Lee Anne Walker     
District 68: Denyse Housley Cox     
District 72: Barry Evan Short     
District 74: Daniel Holloway      
District 75: Michael A. Gardner     

Tooele County:

Commissioner A:  Justin Bake     

Utah County:

Attorney: Andrew McCullough