Get your tickets for the 2024 Utah Libertarian Party Convention

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The Libertarian Party of Utah is the party for everyday Utahns who are concerned with the direction Utah is heading.  We aim to change the nature of the political debate to favor individual liberty, and to stand for our inherent, natural rights.


We hold regular Meetups across Utah, where you can join with other citizens to talk about our concerns and discuss implementable ways to change the course of politics in our state. Click here to find upcoming events near you!


We have developed this website to better serve you. Please join now to stay in touch and learn more about the Utah Libertarian Party. We also encourage you to donate, and also to volunteer - we are a party run from the bottom up, not from the top down. We accept cash contributions at all events or at our office address, checks by mail, and credit card payments through Anedot or Paypal on our donation page.

Preregister now for our 2024 convention! Your $50 deposit will be 100% credited toward your fees for the convention, and give us a head start in planning the biggest UTLP convention yet!

Interested in becoming a delegate to the 2024 natiional convention in Washington DC, held Memorial Day weekend? Let us know here!


Register to Vote as a Libertarian in Utah

At this link you can create a new registration, or change your party affiliation.

Mission Statement

To end coercion as a means of governance; to promote free agency and personal liberty restrained only by personal responsibility, self-governance, and peace.


Barry Short - Chair
Adam Feller - Vice Chair
Phillip Lammi - Secretary
Justin Evans - Treasurer
Jeremy Baker - Member At Large
Milt McLelland - Member At Large