Friday, July 16 will be a historic day for the Libertarian Party - and specifically, for the preservation of the history of the Libertarian Party! That evening, we will be celebrating as the David Nolan Archive - the history of the Libertarian Party as saved by its founder - will be headed to its new home with the Library of Congress.

Join us for a reception, catered dinner and special presentations, with our very special guest Elizabeth Nolan, widow of David Nolan. General admission seating can be had for a donation of $95 - and we also have seven seats at the head table with Elizabeth, which, in the best Libertarian tradition of letting the market set the price, will be auctioned to the highest bidders! It's a historic evening, and YOU can be front and center with our honored guest - a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Get your tickets, bid, or make a donation - any of those actions is something which David would approve of!

(General admission tickets will remain on sale after the auction closes, so don't worry about not getting a ticket if you bid but don't win. Bidding ends July 5, General Admission sales close July 11.)Note that this dinner takes place on the Friday evening prior to the weekend of the Region 1 Affiliate and Campaign Training (detailed below), so we expect to see Libertarians from around the region!

Bid or Reserve Your Seat HERE!

LP national is hosting a series of training sessions, one in each region - and Utah is privileged to be the host for Region 1's session, to be held July 17-18. Two tracks of training are being offered, one for party leadership (at the state, county,, or even more local level), and another for those intending to seek elected office, or work to help candidates get elected. The party is bringing in its most successful trainers from around the country, to share proven techniques that get results. And the cost is FREE to those who register in advance.

We are very fortunate to be hosting this training for the entire region. We want Utah to produce a strong turnout - we have a great opportunity to make a real impact in this state in elections over the next several years, and the key to success is preparing ourselves and knowing the steps to victory.

The training will be held at the Springhill Suites in South Jordan, where we held our own candidate training session in February. If you're traveling, there is an $89 rate available to those attending.

Register HERE!


The Libertarian Party of Utah is the party for everyday Utahns like you and me who are concerned with the direction Utah is heading.  We aim to change the nature of the political debate to favor individual liberty, and to stand for our inherent, natural rights.

We have developed this website to better serve you. Please join now to stay in touch and learn more about the Libertarian Party of Utah. We also encourage you to donate as well as volunteer. We accept cash contributions at events or at our office; checks by mail; credit card payments through PayPal on our website and by on our Facebook page.

Register to Vote as a Libertarian in Utah

At this link you can create a new registration, or change your party affiliation.

Mission Statement

To end coercion as a means of governance; to promote free agency and personal liberty restrained only by personal responsibility, self-governance, and peace.


Barry Short - Chair
Tessa Stitzer - Vice Chair
Philip Lammi - Secretary
Taylor Smith - Treasurer