Interns Wanted

Recruiting bright, passionate, energetic, students who are interested in liberty, philosophy, and politics.

Interning at the UTLP is an incredible opportunity for enthusiastic, hardworking, passionate future leaders. You will gain real life, hands-on experience in Utah politics, strengthen your understanding of the political process and prepare for future political opportunities; not just getting coffee and dropping off dry cleaning!
Fun Fact! Libertarians have more fun than anyone else in politics! It’s true, we have a fast pace, ever changing environment, with new daily challenges. We have a large number of social events we host throughout the State. During your time with us you will build strong relationships that will last a lifetime!

The LPUtah Internship Program looks for students who are self-motivated, hardworking, very organized and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done!

As an intern, you will work directly with Party Chair, Party Staff, Party Leadership and elected officials including Congressmen, Senators and members of the Assembly from across the state. Occasionally you will work on National projects and work with interns from across the country.

There are many activities within the Party which need assistance. Some of the skill sets interns will gain include, but are not limited to; journalism (blog posts and newsletter), website design/development, graphic design, marketing, social media, budgeting and forecasting, drafting legislation, management, outreach, policy, campaigning, database management, sales, public relations, planning and execution of events, creating and maintaining institutional knowledge, leadership training, start-up experience, conducting due diligence, coalition building, networking, civic engagement, and general organizing.

Apply for an Internship

If you would like to apply for an internship with the Libertarian Party of Utah please apply by sending the application information to:

  • Chair
  • Libertarian Party of Utah
  • Office: 801-742-1163
  • E-mail:

Please include the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information
  • The school you are attending, the type of degree you have, major, minor and expected graduation year and if you are planning on earning school credit for this internship.
  • Your resume and any letters of recommendation.
  • Essay: Why do you want to be considered as an intern for the Libertarian Party of Utah and what skills do you feel you bring to the Party? Submit 250 – 450 words. Also include the departments, caucuses or coalitions you are most interested in.