We’re looking for a few good people.

Are you ready to help lead Utah to liberty?


At the end of the legislative session in mid March, Utah’s one week filing period for the 2022 elections will begin. All seventy-five seats in Utah’s House of Representatives will be up for election, as will 14 of the 29 State Senate seats. Also, all four seats in the US House of Representatives will be up for election, and the Senate seat currently held by Mike Lee. Add to that, seven seats on the State Board of Education, plus many seats on local boards, and city and county councils.

We would love to see more Libertarian candidates on the 2022 Utah ballot than ever before. If there’s any one thing this state needs, it’s a big dose of personal freedom and individual liberty. Are you willing to step up and help make it happen?

Your state party leadership is more prepared than ever to provide our candidates with assistance. We’re prepared to help with customizable websites, with ad and flier design and content, with training, with address lists and much more to enable you to spend your time campaigning, not dealing with nuts and bolts detail that wastes your time. We are a Federal Filing Party, so that we can work with campaigns for federal offices as well as state and local offices. And we’ll be working with all our candidates to coordinate everyone’s efforts, to help us have a clear, unmistakable message of freedom for Utah.

We understand not everyone is in a position to run for office. If you can’t, we hope you’ll be able to put in some time in support of our candidates, and if you can’t do that, we hope you’ll at least be able to add a few dollars to the funds that we need to fully support our candidates. Support of many kinds will be needed as we push toward a new day in Utah.

The Lieutenant Governor’s office provides a useful handbook that tells all about the process of becoming a candidate. For Libertarians, it’s a little easier than for some others – we expect little chance of primaries, and expect most persons who file for candidacy will advance to the November ballot. Due to SB 54 rules, while the petition process would be theoretically open, it would be impossible to satisfy the signature requirements unless we get a huge surge in party affiliations. While the 2022 version is not yet available, you can read the handbook here.

Let’s do all that we can to meet the goal of giving every Utah voter, in every election, an option to vote for liberty instead of the same old same old two too old parties. Give me liberty!

We still have a ways to go in our candidate support drive with 100% matching funds for the first $5,000. Can you help us today?

Donate to our outreach campaign here!