Utah Caucuses and Coalitions

The Libertarian Party of Utah is comprised of many different caucuses and coalitions. The purpose of each caucus and coalition is to understand the problems specific groups are faced with so that we can take action! Additionally, caucuses and coalitions are used for major recruitment activities as well as outreach in these communities. Our caucuses and coalitions enable us to be much more effective by organizing people around specific ideas, projects, and causes. To learn more about how you can join, create, or discuss future caucuses, please contact us now.

Young Libertarian Caucus

The Young Libertarian Caucus works with both chapter based, chapter support, and chapterless student organizations to effect mass-based youth political action. Their mission is to promote libertarian ideas on campus, fight campus discrimination and censorship, and to get libertarians elected to major public office.

Chair: TBD

Utah Organization of Libertarian Women

The Utah Organization of Libertarian Women is the official women’s caucus of the Libertarian Party of Utah. This caucus will be active in the promotion, selection, and development of strong leaders, candidates, and strategies for local, county, and state Libertarian Party affiliates. This group will be dedicated to empowering women through self-governance and personal responsibility. The mission is to support Libertarian women and to offer education and information regarding Libertarian ideas to women everywhere by addressing social and political issues from the Libertarian perspective.

Chair: TBD

Caucuses and Coalitions being organized now!

Sign up for a caucus/coalition, or enter your suggestion for a new caucus/coalition, through our Join page.

  • LDS Caucus
  • LGBTQ of Utah Caucus
  • Secular Coalition
  • UnPlug Monopolies Coalition
  • Veterans Caucus