On this page, you will find links to books and articles that explain the positions and process of liberty, as well as some that will help you to live a freer life right now. As Edward Abbey famously said, “Freedom begins between the ears.”


On the Duty of Civil Disobedience – the classic by Henry David Thoreau. Read it online, or download in various formats including Kindle.

War is a Racket – Marine Major General Smedley Butler’s blistering expose of the Military Industrial Complex – nearly 30 years before Eisenhower coined that term.

Economics in One Lesson – Nobel laureate Henry Hazlitt’s essential guide to how it all works. pdf

The Law – Frederic Bastiat’s discussion of the sometimes conflicting roles of the state and of natural rights. pdf

Our Enemy, the State – originally published in 1935, Albert Jay Nock’s work is as vital today as ever. Read it online.

The Death of Politics – a 1969 oldie but goodie article from Karl Hess. Read it online.

Freedom Under Siege – Ron Paul’s 1987 book that became the core of his 1988 LP presidential campaign. pdf

On Liberty – the 1859 book by John Stuart Mill which remains hugely influential on libertarian thought.

No Treason – no libertarian reading list can be considered of any value at all without something from Lysander Spooner. This short 1867 essay covers Spooner’s thoughts on consent and the Constitution, in the context of the then-recently concluded Civil War. pdf, epub, Kindle and mp4.

For a New Liberty – Murray Rothbard’s classic condemnation of aggression and its inseparableness from the state. pdf, epub, mp3