2022 Utah Libertarian Candidates

US Senate

James "Jimmy" Hansen

James “Jimmy” Hansen

Hi, I’m James Hansen, and I am seeking your vote for US Senate this Fall. I currently reside and teach in Heber, Utah. Working with young Utahns has inspired me to run for office to create a better future for our youth. The current political state is one in which two parties each contend for the power to impose their agenda on America. This broken system has caused violence, unrest, and hate to grow and fester within our communities and families. I believe that a government that uses limited power to enforce only those laws that protect the individual’s life, liberty, and property will be a more peaceful and happy society. Please visit my website at jimmyforutah.com to read more about my convictions and political philosophy.

US House

Michael Stoddard

District 3

Utah Constitutional

Joseph Buchman


Utah Senate

Adam Feller

District 7

Barry Short - Utah Senate

Barry Short

District 28

“There is no such thing as government money: there is only taxpayer money.”

That’s an adage that will guide everything that I do as your state senator. Utah’s taxes are too high, its readiness to spend your tax dollars on things you would not choose to pay for too common. I will fight to reduce the footprint of government on the lives of you, your family, and your neighbors.

I will vote to eliminate the grocery tax.
I will vote to offer school choice to every student in Utah.
I will work to make everyone confident that our elections are fair and accurate.
I will consistently stand for you making your own medical choices.
I will fight for inexpensive and easy access to whatever medications you choose.

And when necessary, I will introduce legislation to achieve those goals.

I believe in a society based on cooperation and voluntary interaction. I believe that YOU know what is best for you and your loved ones, far more so than any bureaucrat ever could.

I will be the fighter for freedom that Utah desperately needs in the state senate. Give me one term, and see what can happen!

Utah House

Jacob Johnson

District 9

Brent Zimmerman

District 16

Daniel Cottam

District 20

Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker

District 51

Do you want a freer tomorrow?
I’m Jeremy Baker. I’m running for Utah House District 51 and want to help make a freer tomorrow for all of Utah. My unique educational background in cybersecurity and criminal justice provides me some needed expertise for a representative. After I saw the excessive encroachment of the government the last few years, I decided it was time to put my hat in the ring and run to be a choice for a different future.

For those of you who are in Utah House District 51, I hope you pick me to represent you in the state legislature to be your champion for freedom. For those not in Utah House District 51 and know someone in the district, I hope you share that they have a choice for freedom on their ballot this year.

W. Andrew McCullough

W. Andrew McCullough

District 53

I am a practicing attorney, former Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party, and former candidate for Utah Attorney General (74,000 votes). This year I am running for legislature in order to advance personal freedoms. We are surrounded by “legal states”; but Utah continues to harass people who use marijuana, when they know their cause is hopeless. The legislature is now bent on criminalizing abortion after 50 years of legalization. Many want to roll back marriage equality and insert their religious views into our lives. We have too many people in jails and prisons. It is time to view certain aspects of our lives as beyond the reach of government interference. Elect me, and I will work to make us more free.

Attorney at Law

Utah and New York

State School Board

Richard Jensen

District 14

Washington County Attorney

J. Robert Latham

J. Robert Latham

No Victim, No Crime

Many crimes prosecuted in Washington County don’t have victims. Directing time and resources toward investigating and prosecuting these “victimless crimes” not only diverts resources away from keeping our community safe, it also wastes resources that could be better used to support our most vulnerable neighbors.

Defend Your Family

Many families in crisis can be supported through restorative diversion programs rather than be torn apart or burdened further by prosecution, fines, and incarceration.

Safe Communities

Implementing evidence-based practices can both support the work of local law enforcement agencies, and improve safety and well-being in our communities.

Carbon County Council

Fuzzy Nance


Summit County Council

Michael Franchek

Seat E

Tooele County Commission

Sarah Patino

District 5

Weber County Commission

Brian Rowley

Davis County School District

Jenny Stoker

Seat 6

Granite School District (SLCo)

Christopher Orozco

Seat 5*

*Out in primary for non-partisan office